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About SEAC National Organization

SEAC-pronounced “seek,” as in “seeking” -is a student and youth run national network of progressive organizations and individuals whose aim is to uproot environmental injustices through action and education. We define the environment to include the physical, economic, political, and cultural conditions in which we live. By challenging the power structure which threatens these conditions, students in SEAC work to create progressive social change on both the local and global levels.

SEAC’s history began in the spring of 1988, when students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill placed a notice in Greenpeace Magazine asking to hear from student environmentalists interested in forming a network. Since then, through campaigns, conferences and a lot of hard work, SEAC has grown to hundreds of junior high school, high school college, and community groups throughout the United States and Canada.

In the last year, SEAC has been working on the following:

SEAC was a huge part of making last March’s Mountain Justice Spring Break happen. One of the most powerful things that happened at MJSB was a protest where youths stood with, learned from, and were arrested beside people living with mountaintop coal removal demanding justice in West Virginia.

SEAC played a key role mobilizing youths during the No Coal Days of Action where thousands of young people exposed Citibank’s and Bank of America’s support of destructive coal companies.

SEAC was a major mobilizing force in October for the No War No Warming action that shut down Capitol Hill. More than 25 students were arrested for blockading independence avenue while demanding an end to war and global warming.

A SEACer in Shepherdstown, WV was successful in winning an election onto the town council and played a huge role in fighting gentrification as well as signing the town onto the US Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement

Join the Movement 
What makes SEAC unique is that it is led and supported by its members. By joining SEAC, you step to the forefront of a powerful movement for change where as youth, we speak for ourselves.

Although environmental destruction grows and injustice thrives on a large scale, these problems are finding their match in the energy of students and youth willing to fight for their future. Directing this energy, organizing those eager to fight, and empowering this generation to secure a healthy planet today, and tomorrow-these are ambitious, but essential, goals to which SEAC aspires. And we expect to succeed. taken from

Follow this link to see all of the incredible work that has been done in the Appalachian region.