About SEAC

How we started out…

The Green Fee – The BIG First Success

The Green fee campaign began in the Spring of 2008, when Student Government Association passed a resolution in favor of the addition to student fees. The Green fee passed in November 2008, with sixty-nine percent of students voting YES!Then the fee was approved by the board of governors in June 2009. Each Fall and Spring semester a $5 allotment of student tuition is used to support new sustainable projects on campus. This money goes into an account that is governed by the Greening Marshall  Committee. The Committee is chaired by Margie Phillips, the Sustainability Director, and comprised of faculty, staff and student representatives. The group shares ideas and Margie works to coordinate the implementation of projects the committee approves. The Committee is a volunteer effort so this is on great way to be involved on campus.  Student Groups such as Student Government Association, Marshall Environmental Studies Association, Resident Services and Parks and Recreations Organization for Students.

What does it fund

The Green Fee Funds student initiatives on campus, such as the newly installed water bottle refill stations and newly opened Eco-Cycle Bike Loan Program. In the future we are working towards the installation of Composting, Rain Barrels, a solar roofed pavilion, student garden, and expansion of recycling on campus.

past events, trips and projects

SEAC hosted The Beehive Design Collective and participated in a workshop centered around their “True Cost of Coal” Banner. The collective creates visual representations of complex problems. Coal is a complex issue in central Appalachia; the industry provides profit to some people while endangering huge human health and the regions unique ecology. The workshop showed us a cycle of irresponsible  consumption and the effects on the energy producing regions. We ended the night with new strategies and inspirations to end destructive mining. It was attended by over 40 students, professors and community members.

Earth Day 2010 was all about sustainable technology. SEAC built a bicycle that generated enough electricity to power a blender and handed out over 100 free smoothies.

In the past we have attended Powershift’09 a national convention for college campus environmental organizers. Twenty-five Marshall students traveled to Washington DC for this conference, engaged in conversations about national legislation and learned skills from a selection of workshops. SEAC has a student representative on the Executive Board of the Greening Marshall Commitee.


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